Home Based Businesses – The Wave of Now

In the late 70′s, the home based business was a new wave and beginning its climb to prominence. Many companies started their climb to main stream during that time, and thousands joined the wave of making money from home.  Today, many corporate employees spend time working at home, and hundreds of thousands of people work either full time or part time from their home. In the late 70s, the only tool we had as home based entrepreneurs was the telephone and we paid nearly .30 per minute for long distance. We also paid thousands of dollars for newspaper ads and the like.In today’s world we have Cell service with unlimited minutes, unlimited texting and Internet. Cell phones and Internet have revolutionized the home based entrepreneur. There are dozens of free advertising methods that reach people all over the world in seconds. Craig’s list, Google, Ezines and Pay per Click have become common terms. Internet how to and other such books, have become the rave. Literally, you can have a home based Internet business, with little or no overhead, that can generate part time or full time income. The tools are endless and the fun, maximum!What does it take for you to start a home based business?1. Goals with a time frame attached2. A computer. In the 80s a PC cost over $5000.00 and you could forget about buying a laptop. Today you can have a computer or laptop for under $600.003. Starting Capital under $2000.004. Internet service, brought in by your cable company or your telephone company. Dsl or cable are readily available. Not long ago, you could only find dial up.5. Understanding Outsourcing6. 2-4 hours per day.7. A good system with a coach or mentorIn less than 25 years, billions of people have discovered the Internet. Imagine what will happen in the next 10 years. The time to get involved with a home based Internet business is now. A good friend of mine, tells the story of when he was young, he was approached by a salesman, who was offering a stock for .25 cents a piece. He and his friends laughed at the salesman and told him to move on. That company was Pepsi. Economies change and we are certainly going through a change in ours. Those that set themselves up properly today will be the millionaires of tomorrow.

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